Jordy Nelson says he'll retire with Packers in August

Jordy Nelson

TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW/WBAY) - Some big news for Packers fans coming from long-time fan favorite Jordy Nelson. Number 87 has made his mark here in Titletown, and now he wants to forever be remembered as a Green Bay Packer.

The man who caught 613 balls for 8,587 yards and 72 scores for the Pack tells our Gray TV sister station WIBW that he will be back to celebrate his career during training camp this summer.

"We are headed back up there in August sometime. We haven't pinpointed a time and date yet, but we wanted to get our family back to Kansas and allow the family to get back up there. So that is the plan to go up there in August during training camp, sign the one-day deal and retire as a Green Bay Packer and move on from there," he told WIBW during a sit-down interview.

Nelson was discussing his future after the NFL and the work of the Nelson Family Community Foundation in Topeka, Kansas.

As we reported on April 4, Nelson said he discussed retiring as a Packers player with Mark Murphy when he announced his retirement from the NFL.

Nelson played 11 years in the NFL, with the first 10 in Green Bay and his final season with the Oakland Raiders. When the Raiders released him, Nelson said he and his wife decided they did not want to relocate their three children again.

But what would happen if he came to Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers begged him to stay?

"We have had multiple conversations, and it doesn't mean it wouldn't be hard, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be no. No, we are done playing," Nelson said. "I won't be in shape enough to play football come whenever that phone call would happen. No, we are done. I don't need to be dangling that out there. I think it was a multitude of things, with the body, and having to move the family again. If Oakland hadn't released me, we would probably still be playing another year in Oakland, but the fact of moving my wife and kids to another city, I just didn't want to do that to our kids."

Nelson said he plans to enjoy retirement as "a hired hand" for his brother on the family farm in Riley County, Kansas. He wants to enjoy football as a fan -- tailgating at K-State games and taking in high school games on Friday nights.

Nelson ruled out that he would become a coach at the college or NFL level but kept the door open for coaching high school football.