Jake's Diapers launches adult care essentials, feminine hygiene program

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 4:05 PM CDT
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A Little Chute non-profit is striving to provide adult care products for those in need.

Eight years ago Jake's Diapers began donating diapers meant for babies, but noticed parents weren't the only ones who could use some help.

"Our community partners have been saying they really need adult care essentials," Jake's Diapers Executive Director Stephanie Bowers said.

On top of providing baby diapers for parents they're now stacking up adult diapers.

"Our baby boomers are retiring and I mean we're going to have this huge need for these basic items," Bowers said

Adult diapers weren't the only thing Stephanie noticed there was a need for.

There's a demand for feminine hygiene products as well.

"If you're a homeless student and you're couch hopping, how do you figure out how to get your basic needs met?" said Bowers.

It's an issue Representative Melissa Sargent is advocating for in the state legislature.

"I think it is wonderful that we have a society that is starting to prioritize the needs of people who menstruate," Representative Melissa Sargent said. "At the same point I think it is really unfortunate that it hasn't been solved yet.

Sargent is introducing a bill to allow free feminine hygiene products in public restrooms and schools.

"They should be able to know that there will be menstrual product available to them the same way that there's toilet paper available to them," said Representative Sargent.

Until a change is made Jake's Diapers plans to continue providing diapers and feminine hygiene products.