Jack's Apple Pub was Being Monitored by the City Prior to Shooting Incident

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Action 2 News has learned the City of Appleton is monitoring the bar where an incident with a gun led to a deadly shooting involving a police officer. Jack's Apple Pub jack's apple pub is not under immediate risk of losing its license, despite other problems there in the past.

The officer involved in that shooting last month, Lt. Jay Steinke, has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Henry Nellus, the man who brought the gun into the bar, is facing a homicide charge for his actions which led to the death of Jimmie Montel Sanders.

It's business as usual at Jack's Apple Pub following the May 21st shooting. And according to Appleton's city attorney, it doesn't appear that the bar will lose its right to operate in the city anytime soon, if at all.

It was back in March when the Appleton City Council approved an agreement between the city and the owner of Jack's Apple Pub to suspend demerit points the bar was given after it was cited for serving alcohol to underage customers. The agreement enabled the city to track the way the bar did business without suspending its liquor license since Jack's Apple Pub had never been citied before.

It's a routine procedure the city has taken with other bars over the years. According to James Walsh, the city attorney, "If there are certain violations of the ordinance, we monitor those establishments for a year. If there are no further violations, there is no further penalty. If there are, then we'll take a look at the terms of the stipulation in place."

According to the city attorney, its too early to tell if the shooting incident which led to the death of Jimmie Montel Sanders, is a violation of that agreement.

"I don't know exactly how, what the investigation shows would play into a licensing sanction," adds Walsh.

An attorney representing Jack's Apple Pub goes further, pointing out the underage drinking violations are in no way connected to the shooting and its not grounds to suspend the bar's liquor license.

John Miller Carroll says, "It's an unrelated incident and has nothing to do with it.//It's an unrelated incident and it could have happened in any establishment on College Avenue."

The bar's attorney says the city hasn't reached out to the bar's owner about any additional sanctions because of the shooting, so the bar plans to remain open.