J.J. Watt fulfills dream at Lambeau

Houston Texans JJ Watt, a Wisconsin native, rides a child's bike outside Lambeau Field during a joint Packers-Texans training camp, joining in a Green Bay Packers tradition Watt himself watched as a kid (WBAY photo)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Before the Houston Texans hit the field for a joint practice with the Green Bay Packers today, their players took part in the Packers tradition of riding bikes from Lambeau Field to the Don Hutson Center.

It offered fans the opportunity to welcome home a Wisconsin native.

Outside Lambeau Field's south gate this morning, Brooke Weitzer joined thousands of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of former Badgers star JJ Watt.

"I hope he signs my jersey. He's just an overall good person. Everything that he does in the community and then on the field, he's just a role model," says Weitzer, from Madison.

In the crowded bike corral, young Todd Marx realizes his chances of landing the NFL superstar are like winning the lottery.

"Um, pretty slim," says Todd, who's from Appleton.

From Lambeau Field all the way to Oneida Street, fans lined the bike route.

On this day, the Packers had to play second fiddle.

"Normally we'd be over on the Green Bay side but today's a little different, everybody wants to see JJ Watt come through you know," says Mark Hablewitz from Neenah.

As the Texans made their way to practice, anticipation grew.

Finally, big #99 made his way through the crowd, fulfilling a dream.

"I stood outside those fences and I watched practice through the fence and watched the bikes be ridden, and I stood over by the players parking lot and tried to get autographs, so it's a pretty special thing. It's pretty unique, pretty cool. I literally dreamt about this as a kid," says Watt.

The six-foot-five, 290-pound Watt ended up being a little too big for the first bike he was on, and the bike took the brunt of it.

"The bike that I was using was not equipped for a 290 pound man and the seat broke off. We have purchased a new bike for the boy, so I apologize for that," says Watt with a smile.

Daenen Kehoe from Green Bay didn't land Watt on his bike but pretty close.

A big birthday sign was enough to catch the attention of Houston star quarterback Deshaun Watson.

"He said happy birthday and then he asked how old I was, I said I turned 10. Well, that made your day? Yeah," says Kehoe from Green Bay.

"Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime. We'll be here tomorrow, too, and couldn't ask for anything more. This is a jewel of a city and what an experience for everybody," adds his father, Darrin Kehoe.