Improvement plan for Crescent Beach in Algoma

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 4:08 PM CDT
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Big changes are coming to Crescent Beach in the city of Algoma which is in the beginning stages of putting together an improvement plan for the beach. It's all in hopes of attracting more visitors.

Crescent Beach is along the Lake Michigan shoreline with groomed sand and a half-mile boardwalk. The city is looking to add other amenities for beachgoers along with making it more handicap accessible...

It was a little windy out Tuesday morning but that didn’t stop Sharon Hedrington and her family from making a visit to Crescent Beach.

Hedrington has lived in Algoma for 25 years, making frequent stops to the shoreline for a few reasons.

“The birds, to relax, just to chill, take a walk,” said Hedrington.

Hedrington thinks any improvements to the beach could be a good thing.

“The idea here was to work with the storm water outfalls to find a way to have cleaner water coming from the city to the lake,” said Jeff Wiswell, City Administrator for Algoma.

Right now, the plan is divided up into three concepts. In recent months the city has worked with the engineering firm Smith Group, even asking local people for ideas.

“We've learned a lot of things about vehicle traffic patterns, pedestrian traffic patterns, what we would do with the edge of the beach itself, in terms of changing stations, a little shower area potentially, either a restaurant or an area where people could buy food or perhaps rent a kayak,” said Wiswell.

City dollars, grants, and even donations will fund it, with a final plan expected by this fall. The improvement plan still needs to move through city committees and the council for final approval.

The city said there's been an uptick in real estate interest in Algoma and a plan like this could boost it even more.