Ice storm causes slippery conditions; Fox Crossing moves polling place

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 9:09 PM CST
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Monday night's storm has lots of salt being dumped on area roads and sidewalks.

The timing could also affect turnout for Tuesday's primary election for the state Supreme Court race and a host of local elections.

While most people simply stayed in Monday, those who did go out did so with extreme caution as ice covered everything from car windows to city streets and sidewalks.

Jose Cedno of Appleton said, "The roads are fine, I was testing out the roads and they aren't that bad. There's a lot of salt on them. The sidewalks are a different story. I have to penguin foot a little bit so. It's not bad, but it's not good either."

Crews in downtown Appleton were seen everywhere Monday night dumping big buckets of salt near the parking ramps.

Rebecca Curtis is among those who had to venture out.

"I was using the scraper to help me get around the car because I was afraid to fall in the parking lot, and I have to go home and then go to work tonight, because I work overnights. So I'll be out in this again later," said Rebecca Curtis of Grand Chute.

In Fox Crossing the ice forced the village to move a polling place on Tuesday.

People who normally vote at Spring Road School should instead vote at the municipal complex at 2000 Municipal Dr.

Fox Crossing Village President Dale Youngquist explained, "There's signage up at the school, but the school does not have a backup generator and the county was concerned that if the power went out and our local clerk was concerned also that if the power went out people would not be able to vote."

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says regardless of concerns over the weather, Tuesday's vote cannot be rescheduled.

All polling places must be open starting at 7 AM.