Howard adds parking for popular swimming quarry

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HOWARD, Wis. (WBAY) - The village of Howard is making room for more parking spaces as interest in the Duck Creek quarry grows.

The quarry on Glendale Avenue, west of Memorial Park, is a popular swimming destination, and we're told thousands of people come here, but where can they park?

"What happened is the Village of Howard re-purposed the quarry and had this vision to make it a family gathering place, and it worked. It's been more successful than anyone could have imagined," Officer Brandon Dhuey said.

It created a problem for the people coming to visit the quarry and the neighbors wanting to live in peace. People were parking illegally, wherever they could.

"No parking zones, on side streets, people's yards. Businesses in the area were getting parked full," Dhuey said.

Maywood, we're told, was the worst. We knocked on every door on this street, and neighbors told us it's been a block party for teenagers parking their cars, using foul language, hanging around and throwing their trash everywhere.

Now there's a place for them to go, with 175 parking spots available for immediate use.

"There's a soccer field by Memorial Park off of Riverview Drive that is currently not being used for the remainder of 2018," Dhuey said.

Police have had a better eye on the quarry since all the complaints began.

They say renovations have been good for the neighborhood since trees were taken down that used to hide criminal behavior.

"That's really what the village's vision was, was to make this about family, and it's working. Our numbers are down, the parking complaints have been up, and we understood that. We spoke to the village about that, and then they created a plan to utilize that soccer field, which again, per the parks director, was not being used for the rest of the season, and they seem to think that was the best solution for the rest of this year," Dhuey said.

Now the village is working on installing crosswalks on Glendale and on Lakeview Drive to accommodate everyone coming from the soccer field to the quarry.

Dhuey says it's a great next step to get traffic away from the neighborhood.

"Since we relieved the congestion on those streets already by increasing the no-parking signs, increasing the parking citations and our police presence, they clearly get the big picture. Hopefully they'll be happy that we relieved some of the congestion."

In September, the village will decide whether the soccer field can be a permanent solution to the parking problem.

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