How CP's in-home therapy helps Kristyn Allen's daughter

 A CP therapist gives in-home care to Kristyn Allen's daughter Braelyn. (WBAY Photo)
A CP therapist gives in-home care to Kristyn Allen's daughter Braelyn. (WBAY Photo) (WBAY)
Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 6:05 AM CDT
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CP is offering in-home therapy sessions as it works to serve clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

CP, located in Allouez, helps adults and children with disabilities.

It's a program close to the heart of Action 2 News reporter Kristyn Allen. Her daughter Braelyn came down with respiratory illness RSV in the winter of 2019. Braelyn was on a ventilator and advanced life support.

In March, Braelyn had open heart surgery.

to learn more about the journey for Kristyn and her family.

Each week, Braelyn's three therapists come to Kristyn's home.

Braelyn's physical therapist works on gross motor skills.

Braelyn's occupational therapist helps her with fine motor kills.

A speech therapist helps Braelyn with feeding therapy.

Therapists say the in-home visits are much safer for kids like Braelyn. They use the opportunity to see kids in their own environment and teach parents to use what they have at home.

"To be able to see the kids with siblings, with their own toys. It's been helpful for parents to see how they can use what they have. Parents will say, 'oh, I don't have this toy or I should go get this.' It's not what we have that makes the difference. It's about getting the parents to do it, so it's nice to have them in the comfort of their own home," says Michelle Joslin, speech therapist.

CP also offers teletherapy visits.

to learn about all the programs offered by CP.

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