Hortonville students ask Sen. Johnson about current events

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HORTONVILLE, Wis. (WBAY-TV) Hortonville AP History students talked about current affairs in America with a US Senator Friday.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson stopped by Hortonville High School fielding questions from students.

"So many things happening in today's world and our country, so much complexity," said Sen. Johnson.

Johnson took time to hear the issues on the minds of Hortonville students.

"It's a two way learning process and that's what this is kind of all, about is I learn and they learn," said Sen. Johnson.

Students ask about the environment, paper industry, tax incentives, and more.

"I like that I got to ask interesting questions and hear what other questions students in my grade had because they were a lot different than mine," said Bailey Peikert, Hortonville student.

"Overall, I disagree with his stance on a lot of things," Hortonville Student Sierra St. John said. "But, I still appreciate being able to have this respectful setting."

A topic that seemed to be important to students and an important question to ask Senator Johnson was about school safety.

Students wondered where he stood on gun control and arming teachers.

He's hesitant to add more law, but feels arming teachers with military experience might make schools less of a target.

"These gun free zones have not worked and they have to realize that they could be walking into some real resistance and maybe, maybe that would help prevent some of these things," said Sen. Johnson.

And even after hearing about the challenges one encounters on Capitol Hill, a student can still see a future in politics.

"It actually made me more interested in going into it seeing what he actually does," said St. John.