Oshkosh man hopes to inspire others through amazing weight loss

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 2:52 PM CST
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An Oshkosh man is hoping to inspire others who are trying to keep their New Year's resolution to lose weight on track.

Justin Sosnoski is a regular inside the Oshkosh YMCA, and it's been that way for years.

He's come a long way from a childhood filled with bad eating habits, inactivity and video games.

"I was always the fat kid from probably age 6 all the way through high school. My peak was 352 pounds when I was 18 years old," says Sosnoski.

After graduation, Justin decided it was time for change.

"I never had that vision where I was going to be obese as an adult. I wasn't going to live that life, so I always had that dream," recalls Sosnoski.

Justin started with just a few simple goals: eat healthier and become more active.

"Riding my bike around the neighborhood one time, that was a huge achievement, and then the next step was riding my bike across town to my parents' restaurant. And I just started walking around the neighborhood. I'd do one lap and then I'd push myself, well, let's do two laps. I got to the point where I was walking in the early going 15 miles a week, and at my peak I was walking 40-something miles a week," says Sosnoski.

A year-and-a-half after tipping the scale at 352 pounds, Justin weighed in at 170, a weight loss of 182 pounds.

He had surgery to remove the excess skin and started lifting weights to tone up.

Now 29, Justin has maintained his weight through basic exercise and healthy eating.

Through Instagram and Facebook, he's hoping to inspire others.

"Any kid that maybe was in my shoes, 18 years old, you're obese your whole life, doesn't have to be like that, but also if you're 50 years old, you don't have to see 60 at the same weight; it's never too late to change. Number one thing with fitness is, you never have the body. It's always your rent is due every day, so you can get in crazy shape and in three months that could be a past memory, so every day rent is due," says Sosnoski with a smile.