Hoping For Top Golf Beyond This Year

ONEIDA, Wis (WBAY) Some of the top female golfers in the world teed off today in the first round of the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic in Oneida.

And along the links, spectators are hoping the tournament becomes a longstanding tradition, in part because for the average golfer, it's an opportunity to be amazed.

"Part of it is I play the course a lot so it's kind of a comparison to find out how bad I really am, and it's good golf," says Dan Speering from Appleton with a smile.

"When we're out here we're just slashing away and they're just making it look effortless and the ball is just jumping off their club going 250 years, it really is amazing," adds Craig Paulsen from Green Bay.

And because of that appreciation for top-notch golf, fans are eager to show their support.

"Part of it is giving them accolades to their sport, is definitely a neat thing. We're both pretty mediocre at best," says Paulen's wife, Rachelle.

When the tournament concludes on Sunday, it will mark the end of the initial 3-year contract between Thornberry, its tourney sponsors and the LPGA.

While all sides have raved about the event's success, spectators are hoping a long-term deal is secured and the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic will be around for decades.

"It would be really good if they did, I mean Green Bay seems to be growing and I think this is a good opportunity to have some recognition for this kind of tournament," says Steve Robinson , who just moved to Green Bay from out of state.

"It's great for the economy and it's actually kind of a springboard into the Packers season as well, you've got some down time here in July , it's before training camp, so we're excited to check it out," says Paulsen.

"I really hope so because I've been to other tournaments and I think this is one of the best run," adds Speering.