Honor & Valor Honor Hunts

FREEDOM, Wisc (WBAY) They are called Honor and Valor Hunts, and the mission is simple: to take area veterans waterfowl hunting free of charge.

Well before sunrise, Mace Davis and Justin McFaul are in a cut corn field near Freedom setting up blinds for two retired marines.

The fun has already started.

"It's setting up, it's sitting in the dark, it's talking, everybody kind of pushing back on each other, if you get birds it's a plus but to be out here and just be able to talk and laugh about anything other than what's on our minds, it's a pretty good time," says Davis.

By daylight, everyone is tucked in their layout blinds including Cooper, a 12 year old black lab who's ready for some action.

And it isn't long before the geese start flying and the vets take aim, dropping four geese nearby.

After meeting three years ago, McFaul, an army veteran, met Davis and they came up with the idea to take other area veterans waterfowl hunting.

So they started the non-profit organization Honor & Valor Honor Hunts.

"Last year we did 63 hunts, we had a very good group of guys, we took out vets ranging from 22 years old all the way up to an 86 year old Korean War vet, we help out with licenses if need be, we supply ammo to the veterans, we get them out in the field, any kind of assistance we can provide," says McFaul.

"These guys are amazing, very good people, they care about you, they're not out first to shoot the bird, they want the veterans coming in to get all the shots, I couldn't thank them enough," says Josh Heider, a Marine veteran.

Within two hours, Cooper retrieves a limit for each hunter.

It's mission accomplished.

"Just to have fun, just to be out here with the guys who gave and did everything and then just to be able to take them out and as you can tell this morning, we had a ball," says Davis.

"It's honestly one of the most fun times of my life, I am definitely hooked," says Heider.

For more information on Honor & Valor Honor Hunts, email Justin McFaul at justinmcfaul77@gmail.com or Mace Davis at mace@fowl365.com.