Homes condemned, streets still flooded on Green Bay's East side

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- After days of rising water, flooding people's basements and forcing them from their homes, much of that water has now receded, but multiple roads across Brown Country still remain closed.

“It's like four feet lower now than it was on Friday morning,” said Dan Krick.

He lives right next to the East River on Green Bay's east side and watched as the water kept rising.

“You see those two stumps sticking up, the water was almost to the top of that.”

While he and his wife had to leave their home for a night, he says they got lucky.

“Our house is a little higher and obviously that saved a lot of our basement from flooding totally,” said Krick.

Others along the east river weren't quite as lucky.

“Yesterday [Friday], in the morning, we went downstairs and we had three and half feet of water in our basement,” said Brad Janssen. “Now the issue is, we're basically pumping river water and muck through all these sub pumps and as soon as we shut it off today, when we got here, because it was running for 24 hours straight…it clogged right up."

Some homes are even condemned by the city.

“We look for if the flood waters are having any impact on utilities, if they've caused any structural problems with the home, and those all need to be rectified with the home before we can allow people safely back into the area,” said Rob Goplin, assistant fire chief for the Green Bay Fire Department.

The fire department and city building inspectors were out Saturday assessing the damage to homes and streets.

“Some of these streets have a fair amount of thick heavy ice now and debris, some of that's going to have to be cleaned up and cleared out so that we can get people back in,” said Assistant Chief Goplin.

Many streets near the river remain closed

Even the East Mason Street bridge is impassable until it can be inspected.

For a list of road closures in Brown County, click here.