Explosives lab, white supremacist literature found at Beaver Dam apartment

BEAVER DAM, Wis. (WBAY) - A "homemade explosive laboratory" was found during the investigation into a deadly explosion at a Beaver Dam apartment, according to unsealed testimony from a Wisconsin Department of Justice special agent.

White supremacist materials, guns, and ammo were also found in the apartment where Benjamin Morrow died in an explosion in early March, according to the documents.

A controlled burn of the building at 109 Knaup Ave was necessary to destroy the dangerous chemicals inside the building. The 16-unit building was reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble after burning for several hours.

Several documents related to the investigation and requests for search warrants were unsealed Thursday. Testimony in the search warrant requests was given by DOJ Special Agent Kevin Heimerl.

"We have made more specific observations and additional evidence which has led us to believe that this is a homemade explosive laboratory, if you will," Heimerl says.

Heimerl says inside a living room mini fridge of apartment 11, searchers found 13 jars that trained experts believe contained finished TATP--an "extremely volatile and extremely insensitive homemade explosive."

A metal container of acetone, a "volatile ignitable liquid", was found in the apartment.

Heimerl says investigators also found handguns and long guns, ammo, and compounds or chemicals that form the basis for explosives, and instructions for making homemade explosives.

Heimerl says inside Morrow's garage, searchers found a bottle labeled TATP.

In a request to search Morrow's electronic devices and communications, Heimerl testified about white supremacist material found in Morrow's apartment.

"During this limited search that had been conducted of Mr. Morrow's apartment, specifically within his bedroom, literature has been found concerning white supremacist groups, which I believe based on my personal training and experience, that a group such as a white supremacist group will involve multiple members or people engaged in that type of membership or potential activities associated with the membership."

Heimerl also noted that Morrow's education at Pensacola Christian College in Florida where he received a minor in chemistry..

Investigators asked for the search warrant documents to be sealed because it was "unknown if if Benjamin Morrow was acting as an individual with no partners or co-conspirators."

Heimerl said officials didn't want to "jeopardize the potential for preventing some explosive or targeted event against individuals or property."

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