Hit-and-run crash still affects Lawrence student

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - A Lawrence University student is back on campus after spending two nights in the hospital. The student was hit by a car while crossing E. College Avenue at N. Lawe Street on Friday night.

Traffic camera footage of hit-and-run on College Avenue on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 (Photo: Appleton Police Dept.)

Traffic cameras caught the whole incident, including the hit-and-run driver taking off instead of stopping to help.

Friday's incident is just the latest hit-and-run on College Avenue involving a Lawrence University student. It was actually five years ago that Shannon Grant then a sophomore at Lawrence, was hit.

According to Grant, five years later the crash still impacts her life. "It's definitely something I think about every day, and it's still a part of my life, but slowly making progress. Some days are better than others."

Grant suffered serious injuries and needed several surgeries. The driver who left the scene has not yet been found. But Grant hasn't stopped hoping, adding, "I think enough time has gone by that maybe somebody who knows something will finally say something or maybe the person who did it is ready to come forward."

Just like Grant's accident, traffic cameras caught the driver Friday night turning left onto College Avenue, hitting the student -- knocking her to the ground. The driver hesitates before taking off, leaving the injured student in the street.

"It boggles our mind when you think about how callous someone has to be to strike another human being and not even get out to check on them and just drive away," says Sgt. Dave Lund with Appleton Police.

Several more drivers passed by before one stopped to help her.

The vehicle involved is believed to be an early 2000's model silver or gray Jaguar. Photos released by the Appleton Police Department show it has a sunroof, and police say there's likely front-end damage on the driver's side.

According to Sgt. Lund, "We're not looking at a real common vehicle for Northeast Wisconsin. We're looking at a vehicle that there's handfuls instead of dozens of them here in town."

University officials say the hit-and-run is a concern, and they're working with the city to make the crosswalks as safe as possible. But in both the Grant crash and the one on Friday night, both students had the right-of-way and police say the drivers were at fault.

"People need to be really careful when they're navigating this intersection as a driver. The students are doing all they're supposed to be doing. They're waiting for the light to change, they're waiting for the walk sign before they cross, but even still you can't account for somebody who is not paying attention at the wheel. That's clearly what happened here," adds Ken Anselment, Lawrence University's Vice President for Enrollment and Communications.

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