Hispanic Resource Center in Green Bay hosting open house

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Hispanic Resource Center for the Green Bay area known as Casa ALBA Melanie has a new look on the outside. The renovations are all to better serve what's being done within the organization for the local Latino community.

“The GED classes help people transition into the work force, and help get the education they need to transition into the work force, which is part of really being a very full member of our community,” said Gratzia Villarroel, President of the Board at Casa ALBA Melanie.

Thursday from 11 a.m until 2 p.m., the non-profit will open its doors to the community for an open house.

“I think it's really important to show first of all, all the work that has gone into remodeling Casa ALBA to make it more accessible, and more useful for the types of programs that we have right now,” said Villarroel.

Casa ALBA Melanie has been around for about eight years now providing professional, education and family services.

“I think in order for people to be successful in any place, including Wisconsin, they have to feel empowered, and whether it's receiving education in Spanish or some other language including English, allows people to feel empowered, and they're able to advocate for themselves,” said Maria Lara, a volunteer at Casa ALBA Melanie.

The organization, anticipating the local Hispanic population to grow, is looking ahead with its current programs.

“In the United States the Hispanic population by 2060 is going to be 28% of the total population, and it's growing tremendously here in brown county, if you look at the public schools they're already 28% of the children are Hispanic in the Green Bay public schools and if you look at the lower grades it's probably more in the 40%,” said Villarroel.