High water and flooding continues to be a concern in Shiocton

SHIOCTON, Wis. (WBAY) -- High water in Shiocton continues to be a concern as the Wolf River overflows its banks threatening area businesses and homes.

Skyview 2 captured some of the widespread flooding throughout the downtown, and rain in the forecast could make matters worse.

Shiocton homeowner Tom Schoelzel said the water didn't rise anymore overnight into Monday, but said this is the highest he’s ever seen the water. He has lived in his home on the Wolf River since 2002.

“It comes up every year, back there through the yard, but this is a bit higher than we’ve ever noticed, than we’ve ever had,” said Schoelzel.

Three days ago they put a measuring stick in the yard to keep track of the rising water.

“It’s come up 20 inches or so, so it’s come up quite a bit,” said Schoelzel.

Farther around the back of his house, the river water is even close to his patio.

“You can see it gets quite close here,” said Schoelzel. “I walk down to feed my squirrels and birds and right now it’s waist deep, about 4 feet deep there, 4 or 5 feet of extra water here.”

Schoelzel said he even had to tie down his back steps to keep them from floating away.

His neighbor, though, is dealing with bigger problems. Action 2 News could see what looked to be a sunroom completely flooded. Schoelzel’s neighbor was also using a sump pump to get the water out of the basement.

“I don’t have a basement so I am very lucky,” said Schoelzel. He even has flood insurance, just in case the water does reach his home.

Other homes in the area are using sandbags to keep the water from reaching their homes, hoping the water doesn’t rise anymore this week.

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