High absentee voter turnout in Brown County ahead of midterm election

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Municipal clerks in Brown County report high voter turnout ahead of the midterm election. They say the number of voters is likely to have an impact on turnout at the polls during Election Day.

PHOTO: Person filling out a ballot, Photo Date: August 15, 2016

It's been a busy few weeks for Town of Rockland Clerk, Julie Koenig.

“A lot of people are walking in the door. I'd say it's probably 60/40 with people walking in to vote early as compared to the 40-percent logging in from the website,” said Koenig. “So every day, several times a day, I'll get an email saying this voter would like you to send them an absentee ballot.”

Seventy-five registered voters in the Town of Rockland have already cast their ballot ahead of next week's election.

“I might run out of materials. I don't know,” said Koenig.
Election officials in the Village of Wrightstown planned for big turnout ahead of Election Day.

“We set up a little bit for it,” said Michelle Seidl, Clerk/Treasurer for the Village of Wrightstown. “We make sure we try to be staffed as much as possible.”

Seidl uses the word ‘busy’ to describe her days at work leading up to Tuesday, November 6.

“Right now, we are at about 10-percent of our voters have already cast their vote,” she said. “I'm thinking, potentially, we could see 100-percent of them that plan on voting coming in.”

Both Koenig and Seidl say it is what is on the ballot that is bringing people out.

“There's a lot of excitement about it, because it's a Governor’s race, so I think people really have a lot of passion around their party and around what they think of Governor Walker,” said Koenig. “The vote is going to speak for itself.”

“Because we're seeing such high numbers during early voting, our election day is probably going to be fairly quiet compared to what we were expecting,” said Seidl.

The time left to vote absentee is coming to an end. The State of Wisconsin issued a deadline to request an early ballot for Friday, November 2 at 5 p.m. That time varies by municipality.

“Check with your local clerk. Everybody's going to have different hours,” said Koenig. “Make sure you get out there. You need to be heard, and the ballot is the best way to do it.”

Once issued, it is important mailed ballots are filled out and sent back to the clerk right away.

“We are really urging people, especially now this week, to mail them in,” said Seidl. “We have had it happen that we mailed it out the Wednesday and Thursday before the election, and they didn't get back to us by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Their vote didn't count.”

Voters are encouraged to call their municipal clerk with any questions or concerns regarding the midterm election over the next few days.

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