Helping area birds survive after recent blizzard

Published: Apr. 17, 2018 at 4:35 PM CDT
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The recent snowstorm isn't just keeping us humans reeling, many area birds, especially robins, are struggling to survive. Experts at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary say robins don't eat seed. They're asking the community to help our feathered friends survive until conditions outside improve.

“They're really struggling, they typically feed on bare ground, and there is none anymore, so they're having a real issue finding some food, they're fairly adaptable, they will go to trees, and shrubs that still have some dry berries on them,” said Mike Reed, Director at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary had taken in over twenty robins in just 24 hours as of Tuesday afternoon. The birds come in starved and dehydrated, but there are ways to help.

“Getting out dried meal worms especially, these guys love them, and fruit, just picking up some grapes, some strawberries, the big thing is cutting them up into bite sized pieces, for others that want to try something else getting some wet dog food or cat food, with some wax worms, this is a delicacy for the robins,” said Lori Bankson, Curator of the Animals at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bankson said to make sure it's kept off the ground, and bring any injured bird in to them for medical care.