Helping Homeless Veterans

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) A loss of federal funding will soon force close to 50 homeless veterans out of a state housing program at the King and Union Grove medical facilities.

That's why a statewide veterans organization has launched an effort to help the soon-to-be displaced veterans.

"I know firsthand that a lot of them are just extremely upset about this, they're nervous, they're worried, they're concerned," says Mark Goebel, Assistant State Captain of the Patriot Guard Riders.

After honoring veterans at funerals and during the holidays over the past decade, the Patriot Guard Riders of Wisconsin is on a new mission.

"Due to budget cuts they're going to close two of the programs that are designed specifically to help homeless or near homeless veterans in the state," says Goebel.

While the State Department of Veterans Affairs is currently trying to find affordable housing options, the Patriot Guard wants to make sure the vets have something to put in their new homes.

"Looking to make sure that we have enough beds, couches, recliners, simple things like sheets, towels, all those kinds of things that all of us take for granted that we have in our home, and these guys are going to be coming out and going into housing with absolutely nothing," says Goebel.

Recent photos show the furniture and household items the Patriot Guard has collected so far.

Collections around the state will run from now until the end of August, when 47 veterans will have to find a new place to live.

"Now they're being told, oh sorry, we're going to have to find alternative places for you to go, so this is going to be a very traumatic process for the veterans and we just want to make sure we do everything we can to ease some of their concerns and some of their fears about that," says Goebel.

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