Helping Disabled Veterans Golf Again

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) A Green Bay man wants to get veterans who are disabled golfing again, thanks to a motorized device he owns called the Paramobile.

It provides mobility and support for paraplegics to participate in many activities that require standing.

Andy Meier, from the Milwaukee area, is more than comfortable in a Paramobile.

"This keeps your knees secure, so it straps you in so securely that you don't fall out," says Meier, who lives near Milwaukee.

While on a pilgrimage in Bosnia in 2007, Meier was involved in a tour bus crash that left him paralyzed.

About 4 years ago, he decided it was time to pursue his passion again.

"I was working in the office on a day like today, watching a golf tournament and I said, gosh darn I really want to golf again, so I typed in paraplegic golfer and up popped this device, and I went, that's the one I want," recalls Meier.

A Paramobile is also what Scot Madson decided to buy.

"He saw a need in the community and he's addressing it," says Meier.

A year and a half ago, Madson, who's an avid golfer and works for Nicolet Wealth Management in Green Bay, wrote a personal check for $21,000 to purchase a Paramobile.

Not for him to use, but disabled veterans in the area.

"They've already paid the price so I said come use it, use it for free, tell your friends about it, have them use it, I just want people to utilize it and enjoy the game," says Madson.

About two dozen veterans have used the specialized golf cart so far and Madson makes sure it's a simple process.

"Train them on how to use it, we'll bring it to the site where they're going to be, we'll help them get on to a Paramobile, utilize it and then we'll pick it up, and it chokes me up a lot of times when I see the effect that it has on them to be able to stand up and be able to play a sport they haven't played for many, many years," says Madson.

And whether it's at the driving range, or on the putting green, Meier's golf game, thanks to the Paramobile, is right on par.

"It got me able to do something that I used to be able to do, do I do it in a different way, absolutely, but I'm doing it my way now," says Meier.

Anyone interested in using Madson's Paramobile can contact him at Nicolet Wealth Management at 920-406-8500.