Haunted History: Even skeptics spooked by Lorelei Inn

Published: Jun. 14, 2018 at 4:31 PM CDT
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The owner of the Lorelei Inn in Allouez has had several brushes with what she believes to be the paranormal.

"No one has quit but I've had them run up the stairs, freaked," Lynne Stahl tells Action 2 News.

Action 2 News and full time psychic medium Regina Becker, of Regina's 7 Pillars in De Pere, went inside to see if the Lorelei Inn should have a chapter in Northeast Wisconsin's Haunted History.


Lynne Stahl has no doubt the Lorelei Inn is haunted.

"All of a sudden the cigarette smoke comes out of nowhere and up the stairs they are," Lynne says.

She says unexplained occurances happen weekly at the inn.

Footsteps upstairs. "You think someone is here and nobody is."

Things tossed on the floor: "Sounded like wind went through the bar and everything on the floor."

TV turning on by itself: "One time it turned on and two chairs were flipped around. I cleaned the bar, two chairs were facing the TV as if they were watching TV."

Lynne says these things happen so often even non-believers are coming around.

"It just fell straight down and there was nobody in the place but the cook," Lynne says.

"He didn't believe it before and that's the first time he ever said, 'ummmm, yeah, something is going on here,'" Stahl says.


Psychic medium Regina Becker is a Lorelei Inn regular.

"Even now you can feel a lot of energy," Becker says.

We asked Becker to walk through the inn with us. We started in the kitchen.

"Those containers, two of them fell off and no one was in here, they kind of flew off," Stahl says. "Couple of pots fell off the hooks."

Regina Becker says energies can move things around. She says this energy isn't negative.

"I get a lot of your mom. She spent a lot of time in here cooking. Cooking but also cleaning," Becker tells Lynne Stahl.

Lynne's mom passed away late last year.

"I keep having a vision of her not with a sponge, but a dish rag, cleaning. Everything had to be spotless," Becker says.

In the dining room, the Cuckcoo Clock chimes randomly.

It should have rung four times. It rang 12.

Lynne says her mother's cardinals keep moving around the room on their own.

"Cardinals seem to be a favorite," Becker says. "That, it doesn't suprise me. Your mother moved that one to let you know she is fine and here."


In the bar, which dates back to 1926, Regina senses someone new. Someone from a different era.

"A gentleman is saying the bar area was a really neat stop over for the guys going home from work," Becker says.

Lynne adds, "There are pictures back to 1929 of the trolley going through here and going down past Schroeder's."

"They would have their martinis and cigarettes, and they would sit at the bar and go back to work."

We find Lynne's father, Leonard, keeping an eye on things in the bar.

"Chair is like this, nothing here, and he is leaning on the wall," Becker says.

Next stop: the basement. Leonard died in 2002, but you can still smell cigarettes. The basement is where Leonard wound sneak a smoke behind his wife's back.

Lynne says the place is non-smoking.

Lynne Stahl says these signs of her parents are comforting.

"He always believed he would come back and be there for us, and he is. He is. He is always here," she says.


"Some people will not sit at this table," Lynne says of her guests.

When Regina Becker visits the Lorelei Inn, she likes to sit in the "haunted corner."

She invites skeptics to come see for themselves.

"I say come on in and give it a shot. I love non-believers, naysayers. Come in and buy me a meal and I'll show ya," Regina says.

Regina Becker also took us through the supposedly haunted Hazelwood House in Green Bay.