Crossing guard retires after 17 years of service

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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Some would call him the blessing on Pioneer Elementary's corner.

Charlie Delany, or "Mr. Charlie", has been a crossing guard for a total of 19 years but at the elementary school for 17 years. And now, he is hanging up the vest and stop sign.

"It's been probably been the most enjoyable 17 years of my life," said Delany.

When Delany retired from his first job, friends told him about a need of crossing guards in the area. Each day, he makes sure students either walking or biking get across the street safely.

He says not only are the students learning each day, so is he.

"It's really cool. I am re-learning a lot of things I forgot, ya know, from the students here. They are enthusiastic about what they are learning and they share it with me," said Delany.

Students on Thursday thanked him for his service by lining the hallway, chanting his name.

Parents talked and hugged their crossing guard one last time, thanking him for keeping their children safe.

For Tara Steinhorst, Charlie Delany is more than a crossing guard.

"We've been through a lot together. Unfortunately, Charlie lost his two sons to cancer and we lost our oldest son to cancer. So, we've kinda been kind of the corner little support hug group every morning. And we just make sure everyone is having a good day," said Steinhorst.

Delany plans to take it easy and volunteer some at the school.

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