Hackers hijack Zoom meeting on Milwaukee absentee ballots

Published: Apr. 12, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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Hackers hijacked a Zoom conference call Sunday afternoon held by the Milwaukee Board of Election Commissioners.

The call was scheduled to provide an update on guidelines related to last week's primary election.

The commission planned to discuss late-arriving absentee ballots.

The hackers took control of the meeting and posted pornography and vulgar slurs.

Board of Elections Executive Director Neil Albrecht was unable to regain control of the meeting and ended it.

The committee was unable to reach a decision on what to do with the absentee ballots that have been received after election day.

It's not clear whether the commission will hold another meeting Sunday.

Participants needed a password to access the Zoom meeting.

Primary results will begin being reported Monday afternoon.

The commission and other city departments have held nearly one Zoom conference call each day to update reporters on the primary election and the coronavirus outbreak.

This is the first time a meeting has ever been hacked.

So far, no person of group has claimed responsibility for the hack.