Hack your holidays: Holiday greetings

Mailbox for greeting cards

You're making a list and checking it twice, sending Christmas cards and making note of the relatives and friends who sent cards to you. After a while, the mantelpiece can look pretty full.

Here are creative ideas for making, displaying and recycling the greeting cards that come this time of year. You can even use them to build a trap if you really want to "Hack Your Holidays."

Many happy returns

When you receive a present, save some of the paper and ribbon or decorations. Cut a greeting card-sized rectangle from a cereal box, wrap it with the paper, and trim with the decorations. Cut a smaller piece of white paper to glue to it and use it to write a very personalized thank-you card.

Put them on display

Make a very Christmas-y card stand by gluing or taping three miniature candy canes together (think of the form of a grappling hook).

When you receive greeting cards, stand them in the branches of your tree. You might want to save this year's greeting cards to display in the tree next year, then repeat this cycle every year.

We have video demonstrations below for more ways to display your cards, make your own cards with the kids, and even use some cards to set a trap. Mobile users might need to click a "More on the web" link.

Decorative display made with stick-on hangers and string

Simple, elegant, and takes almost no time at all

Vertical card display

In case you ran out of room on your mantel or wall, or just prefer the vertical look

Vertical card display with packing tape

The same concept as above only way cheaper. I mean, quicker.

Turn Christmas papers into Christmas cards

19 cards in 19 minutes

3D Christmas tree card #1

Card paper, scissors and glue are all you really need. The stars add a nice touch.

3D Christmas tree card #2

Similar to the card above but easier for kids if you want to make this a family project

It's a trap!

Tired of hearing the music or sound effects from an electronic greeting card? Turn that frustration on someone else. (You can also find a website with step-by-step instructions and photos by clicking here).

After Christmas

Save your Christmas cards and