Green Bay's Habitat for Humanity kicks off new program

Published: Sep. 8, 2018 at 4:44 PM CDT
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A new program within Green Bay’s Habitat for Humanity completed their first project today. The Home Repair program with staff and volunteers from Green Bay West Rotary Club removed stairs from a home on Green Bay’s West side and replaced it with a wheelchair ramp.

The woman living in the home had a lift to get in and out of her house, but often needed help from someone else to use it. While the ramp was not free to the homeowner, it was built for much less than the cost of having a contractor build it.

“People living in the home are usually required to help build, now in her case, she is not able bodied, so we understand that, we are not requiring that of her, but her friend was kind enough to come and he’s going to make lunch, that’s her sweat equity in some sense,” says Zach Schreiber, Home Repair’s coordinator.

The Home Repair program targets low to moderate income homeowners who cannot complete exterior repairs to their homes due to accessibility, safety, cost, or physical limitations. The focus is on exterior home repairs and the requirements run parallel to Habitat’s Homeowner program.

If you know a family that would qualify for this program, have questions about the program or application, or are interested in volunteering for this program, please contact Jennifer Maier, Volunteer Director, at 920-593-5785 or