Habitat Restore asks spring cleaners to save items for donation

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 5:23 AM CDT
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Some people are using their "stay at home" time to do some spring cleaning. The Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity Restore is asking people to not throw away old appliances, tools or unused materials.

The Restore is closed right now, but they will happily take those items from you when they reopen.

Habitat's Restore takes everything from paint to home decor to cabinets. A donation keeps those items out of landfills.

It also helps Habitat for Humanity fund its home ownership program. Money from sales go toward materials for Habitat home builds.

Habitat describes the Restore as a cross between Home Depot and Goodwill.

for a full list of items accepted by the Restore.

"I know it's a temptation that you just want it out of your house, but if you can take a look at what we accept for donations and keep that for us. We can come to your house and pick it up or if it fits in your car or truck you can bring to us, that would be great as well," says Maureen Meinhardt, Restore Director.

Restore is always in need of tool donations. Habitat typically has a spring tool drive, but they can't host it this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. They ask you hold on to those tools and donate once the Restore is back up and running.