HD cameras being installed at Lawrence University crosswalks on College Avenue

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY-TV) Lawrence University and Appleton teamed up to keep a better eye on a safety concern for Lawrence university students.

College Avenue, a busy thoroughfare through Lawrence’s campus, creates challenges for students to get from one side of the school to the other.

"It can be a little sketchy at points," said Cas Burr, Lawrence University sophomore from St. Paul.

That's how Burr describes the two crosswalks on College Avenue that connects the two parts of campus.

Appleton says about 15,000 cars pass through them each day. Some of which burr says may not stop for pedestrians.

"Not always, yeah I think sometimes cars really make it a close call," said Burr.

In 2013, a Lawrence University student was struck by a vehicle in the crosswalk behind me. She broke her leg and fractured her pelvis. That hit and run case still hasn't been solved to this day.

"Anytime you have an accident like that it makes you think about keeping an eye on what's happening here," said Jake Woodford, Assistant to Lawrence’s President.

Now Lawrence and Appleton are teaming up to get a higher quality shot of the crosswalks.

Lawrence is paying for two high definition cameras while Appleton takes care of installation and overseeing them.

"Tool for law enforcement to investigate accidents in the crosswalks and other incidents on college avenue from as minor as failing to stop at the crosswalks," said Woodford.

But Burr says his peers still shouldn't assume cars will stop even if there are cameras

"Think college kids in particular assume people will stop for them and I don't think that's the case, here or anywhere for that matter," said Burr.