Gulfstream expansion in Outagamie County officially opens

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GREENVILLE, Wis. (WBAY) - A $40 million investment in Outagamie County has come to fruition as Gulfstream officially opened its new aircraft maintenance facility.

Gulfstream opened a 190,000 square foot hangar, maintenance and office facility at Appleton International Airport in Greenville (WBAY photo)

Local and state officials joined Gulfstream brass in officially opening the aircraft manufacturer's new maintenance facility on the Appleton International Airport grounds on Friday.

The 190,000 square foot hangar and office space is the largest expansion made by the company in its 20 years in Greenville.

The decision to expand in Outagamie County comes as the company is adding two more jet models to its already successful line.

According to Derek Zimmerman, president of Gulfstream Customer Support, "We've got a great workforce, great support from the Appleton community, and we found the State of Wisconsin has been a great place for us to do business, so as our fleet grows, we want to continue to grow our service capacity here in Appleton."

The new facility will allow additional aircraft to be inspected. Avionics installations will happen there, as well interior installations and modifications. It is also equipped to perform structural modifications and repairs as well as customization of the jets.

All of those elements will not only have an impact on the local economy but also the state.

"This is good for Gulfstream, but it's also good for a number of contractors, vendors all throughout Wisconsin," says Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson.

While Gulfstream has added about a hundred of the approximate 170 jobs it believes is needed for the facility, local and state leaders believe it's what the company does outside of these walls is what makes it a great community partner.

State Senator Roger Roth (R-Appleton) says, "Gulfstream recognizes that there's a workforce shortage in Wisconsin. We're doing things down at the state level, but they're also getting in the weeds here, working with our local high schools and tech colleges to make sure that they can grow that pool and that's what I love about Gulfstream. They're just all around a 360 degree leader when it comes to working and growing our economy and workforce."

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