Gubernatorial candidates Walker and Roys stop in Northeast Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - We are a little more than a month away from the state's primary election on August 14th. The democratic field for governor, while smaller than it was, is still crowded.

Monday, Governor Scott Walker made a stop in Northeast Wisconsin, as did one of the democrats hoping to run against him, Kelda Roys.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson is now endorsing democratic candidate for governor Roys as she announces her campaign headline, one she calls “an agenda for working families.”

The most recent Marquette Law University Poll shows among those who plan to vote in the Democratic Primary, State Superintendent Tony Evers comes in with 25% among voters while other candidates, like Kelda Roys, are in the single digits right now.

Roys, however, won a straw poll at last month's State Democratic Convention.

Incumbent, Republican Scott Walker, meanwhile, made a stop at an LED manufacturer in Manitowoc. He said he's confident, saying the technique he's had in past campaigns will work again.

“I think the people in this state want leaders who tell them what they're for, not who they're against, and I think that's the biggest differential - and that's why we've been successful in the past, we always lay out a clear plan about what we're for and where the states at,” said Walker.

In November match-ups, polling shows Governor Walker leading all of his democratic challengers but Roys said she has a strategy.

“Everything we talk about is how we can make Wisconsin work for everyone, we need to make sure that families all across the state can thrive, and to do that we have to make important investments that are not being made right now,” said Roys.

Roys is one of 8 democratic candidates looking to take Governor Walker's seat in this 2018 election.