Ground breaking ceremony held for security upgrades at Luxemburg-Casco Primary School

LUXEMBURG, Wis. (WBAY) -- In April, voters in the Luxemburg-Casco School District approved a nearly $28 million referendum.

On Friday, the district celebrated the first improvement project to come out of that funding.

Students, staff and community members gathered outside of the Luxemburg-Casco Primary School front entrance. The entrance is the focus of the district's first improvement project.

"Safety is of course our top priority," said Glenn Schlender, superintendent of the Luxemburg-Casco School District. "That has to come first and foremost for every public school."

That means big changes for how people will get into the primary school.

Under the current system, visitors are asked to press a silver button at the front door. An office staff member is able to see them through a camera and speak to them through a speaker about why they need to get inside. Although most visitors go to the front desk for a formal check-in, district officials say there are numerous ways for people to go down open hallways and classroom doors without supervision once inside.

"In a secure main entrance, the exterior door is open but there is the interior vestibule," said Schlender. "They have to speak face-to-face directly with that staff member, sign in, declare their intention."

From there, visitors will receive a badge and will be escorted through the building.

The glass in the entryway will also be replaced by shatter-proof film.

"This is awesome," said Tracy Bahn, Parent-Teacher Association president in the Luxemburg-Casco School District. "It's giving me more comfort sending my child off to school knowing there will be more security here out front."

"It's important that we are always mindful of and taking steps toward making sure that our students and staff are as safe as possible," said Schlender. "Creating that secure main entrance does that for us."

Visitors can expect the security upgrades starting Fall 2019.

Other planned improvement projects in the district include moving the middle school from Casco and attaching it to the Luxemburg-Casco High School, upgrading career programs and facilities, building a new gymnasium, and moving the high school main office to the front of the building for security.

The safety-related aspects of the referendum in the Luxemburg-Casco School District is $5.3 million, about 20 percent of the funding.

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