Grocery stores busy after "safer at home" order

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY)- On the eve of a "safer at home" order by Governor Evers, many people Monday night were stocking up on groceries and other supplies in preparation for the week to come.

Many of the stores are busy but not quite like last week when concerns over the virus really escalated.

Still, people want to be prepared to stay at home.

Inside Woodman's in Grand Chute Monday afternoon we didn't find any super long lines of people waiting to check out but plenty of shoppers told us they were stocking up.

Jenny Stewart of Neenah said, "I got a little bit of toilet paper, some paper towels, some essentials and I don't know, get it now before we can't leave our houses, right."

While we found some shelves to be a bit empty, most items were in stock, not just at Woodman's, but also Festival Foods in Appleton.

"I feel like this will blow over eventually, you know. Plus you can't really, there's limits on everything so hoarding is a thing of the past so at this point, I think, I hope so," said Justin Loher of Menasha.

Many people told us they decided to hit the stores after hearing about the governor's safer at home order which begins on Tuesday.

Although, not everyone is happy about it.

A shopper who identified herself only as Judy said,"I think it's way overblown, and really to be wise, yet sensible and to tell people if you're sick, stay home, and if you're not sick, we have to work."

Heidi Meyer of Appleton added, "I'm frustrated that people didn't listen and going out to stores they didn't need to go to and doing things they don't need to do and so now hopefully people are going to realize the serious of the situation and stay home."

All the grocery stores are staying open, so there's really no need to rush out although many are limiting their hours to keep the shelves stocked as much as possible.