Grocery store dance party boy gets special visitor at hospital

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY) - A Green Bay boy who has charmed the internet with his grocery store dance party continues to recover after surgery at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Photos: Lynn Balzer-Baron

On Friday, Kyu received a special visitor at the hospital and was ready for another dance!

If you missed our original story, Kyu went viral after his mom posted video on Facebook of her son and his grandpa dancing in the aisle of the Festival Foods grocery store on W. Mason in Green Bay. The video has been viewed thousands of times.

Kyu was born with "a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain." Doctors at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin were able to remove it.

However, it came back, and Kyu had to have another surgery.

Before that could happen, Kyu wanted to have a dance party with grandpa.

The family drove to the Festival Foods. Grandpa was hesitant at first, but Kyu assured him, "Grandpa, Use your imagination. You can dance anywhere!"

Kyu's surgery at Children's Hospital went well. On Friday, he received a visit from Festival Foods mascot Boomer the Turkey.

"Since Boomer missed out on the dance party at our Green Bay Festival Foods store we decided to bring the dance party to him," reads a post on Facebook. They also treated Kyu to some of his favorite foods--Oreos, gummy worms and donuts.

Kyu's mom, Rasami Moua, tells our Cami Rapson, "Good news, Kyu is getting to go home from his recent surgery and he's ready to dance again."

There is a Facebook fundraiser for Kyu's medical costs. CLICK HERE to donate.

Photo: Rasami Moua