Greta joins Action 2 News This Morning to talk "Full Court Press"

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A new weekly program with Appleton native Greta Van Susteren premieres Sept. 8 on WBAY-TV.

"Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren" will air Sunday mornings at 10:30 after "UpFront."

Gray's Chief National Political Analyst will host and moderate the program from Washington, D.C.

Greta--a proud Green Bay Packers shareholder--joined Action 2 News This Morning to talk about the focus of the show.

"The effort is to talk about issues that effect every single community across the country. Not just the tweets that go back and forth in the New York-to-Washington D.C. corridor. But to talk about what's going on across the country. Because there's many issues in Appleton or Green Bay or Sheboygan--like student loans--that really matter to everybody. So I want to talk about those issues, identify the problem, try to find some solutions, get the newsmakers--candidates--to talk about the problem," Greta says.

The show will tap a broad bench of Gray Television journalists from newsrooms across the country, including the award-winning team of Investigate TV.

The "Full Court Press-Overtime" website and OTT app will feature extended interviews, live streaming and user interaction, as well as links to additional related news content. CLICK HERE to join the conversation.