Green Bay's mayor gives his last State of the City

Published: May. 9, 2018 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt presented his 15th and final "State of the City" address Wednesday at the Meyer Theatre.

Schmitt announced in November he wouldn't seek another term.

Although this was his 15th address to the community, he didn't spend much time on the past but reporting what's in the future for the city of Green Bay.

His main message is making sure Green Bay remains competitive. He says in order to do that, the city has to remain aggressively focused on remaining financially sound, safe and goal-oriented.

The mayor talked about continuing efforts to replace all lead pipes in the city by 2021, holding a workshop to encourage more women to get into protective services, and putting the "beach" back in Bay Beach by creating a 1,000-foot sand swimming beach on the Bay.

He reassured the historical Hotel Northland will open this fall and the Shipyard project on the west bank of the Fox River will move forward, even after the Bullfrogs pulled out of the project and announced their move to neighboring Ashwaubenon earlier this year.

On the Shipyard project, Schmitt said the city is "working on an even better land-use development plan with public space, commercial development and unique retail opportunities. It will be ready for Redevelopment Authority and City Council review next month."

While Mayor Schmitt vows to work until the end of his term, those looking to takeover as mayor in the future said Green Bay is on the right track.

"I will probably have a different platform and focus, but certainly, the initiatives he is putting into place, we will build off of," said Brown County Supervisor Patrick Evans, a potential Green Bay mayoral candidate. "Green Bay is a great place and we want to maintain that."

"I think the key thing is to work with all residents across the city of Green Bay, from the far east side to the far west side, downtown residents included," said Rep. Eric Genrich (D) Green Bay, mayoral candidate. "Working with city council to make sure we are all rowing in the same direction and working with businesses to invest in our community."

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