Green Bay's Shipyard project at risk of sinking

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A local CEO says he's concerned about the lack of progress on Green Bay's Shipyard project. Some city leaders are concerned that losing his support could sink the plan altogether.

Mark Skogen, CEO of Festival Foods, says he's looking at other locations for an indoor concert facility proposed for the Shipyard.

The Shipyard is a multi-million dollar development that would be located near South Broadway and W. Mason Street. The Green Bay City Council recently approved the project, with some conditions.

Final approval is now contingent on the city reaching a separate management agreement and the redevelopment authority contracting a year-round, full service restaurant and an indoor performance venue no later than December 31st. The city needs commitment from Anduzzi's and Skogen.

Skogen has said that he believes ground should have been broken on the project by now.

Skogen says he's now also considering multiple sites in Ashwaubenon and will announce a firm plan in the coming weeks. He says the Shipyard is still an option.

Green Bay Economic Development director Kevin Vonck tells Action 2 News that the city will work to keep Skogen on board with the Shipyard.

"If we don't do it? What happens to that property? What happens to the neighborhood? What happens to the Bullfrogs in terms of their future here in the city? I think the ownership team, they're entrepreneurs as well. They would like to grow their business, they'd like to do other events, but if they're kind of capped out where they're at Joannes, they may have to look at other options as well," Vonck says.

Ashwaubenon's expansion of the Titletown District with new parks, hotels, and restaurants means business owners like Skogen have other options.

"You're seeing some things go on in Ashwaubenon which he may want to be a part of, but also looking back to us, I think in terms of part of the political process, you've seen how things have gone in terms of development projects with our city council. Let's just say we probably haven't been the friendliest in terms of developers and development. There's been some frustration at times in terms of the way that clients have been treated," Vonck says.