Green Bay's Broadway District celebrates 25th anniversary

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Community leaders gathered Tuesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Broadway District in Green Bay.

In the State of the Broadway District, Brian Johnson, the Executive Director, spoke about future plans for the area, including business developments, as well as updates from the city and recognizing partners and volunteers.

Johnson says there is more than $100 million of new development under contract or under construction, and says the work to get here is significant.

"A lot of times, the public sector needs to step in and make those catalyctic investments, and they did that by way of a couple of things and now the private sector is starting to take over," says Johnson.

One of the focuses On Broadway is working on is creating more residential living in the area.

Currently, they have 340 units under contract to be built now, and hope to announce more soon.