Green Bay teen helps bring baseball to kids in Kenya

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Green Bay Preble High School student is helping to make playing baseball possible for hundreds of kids in Kenya. With a little help from his parents, Max Bobholz started his charity "Angels at Bat" when he was just 12 years old.

“One day I was watching T.V and I was like hey this would be a great idea and I told my mom about it,” said Max.

Max is 17 now but his idea sparked after losing his former baseball coach five years ago. Angels at Bat is a way of honoring his life.

“That summer I was watching the Little league World Series and first team from Africa was in that year they were from Uganda and they did little stories on their homes, and I saw that they were sharing equipment, like 3 gloves for the team,” said Max.

With lots of community support he's made several trips to Kenya coordinating with the head of Kenya Little League whose mission is to make baseball the most prominent sport in the country.

“So we went there in 2014, for our first shipment, we brought 19 suitcases, me and my mom did, filled with baseball equipment,” said Max.

Carrying on the legacy of his former coach has been a success with his charity expanding to places like Colorado and Washington D.C.

“The first trip was just under 1500 kids, and then this last trip probably close to 500,” said Max.

Just this summer Max was in Africa witnessing raw talent, hoping to supply more than just baseball gear and skills.

“So this talent that they have could take them out of the poor areas of the country, it could get them into America, and make some money,” said Max.

Max said that the kids he has worked with though have taught him a lot too.

“It just kind of puts it in perspective, that you just have to relax, go through things, and that it's never as big of a deal than you make it,” said Max.