Green Bay second graders eat pot on the playground

Published: Dec. 14, 2017 at 5:23 PM CST
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Some parents in Green Bay are alarmed after they say the school didn't tell them their kids' classmates on the playground were eating marijuana earlier this week.

Green Bay Police confirm the incident and tell us the two students who ingested the drug went to the hospital and are fine.

Police say on Monday, Eisenhower Elementary School staff found two students had eaten marijuana brought in by a second grade boy.

"We see marijuana in the high schools and the middle schools but rarely do we see marijuana in the elementary schools,” said Lt. Jeff Brester of the Green Bay Police Department.

Parents of students involved are being investigated, but parents of other second graders on the playground say on Facebook—they're angry about having to hear about the incident from their young kids, and not the district.

“Phone call, letter sent home, an email, something from the school and we haven't heard anything still now, and I'm shocked,” said Carrie Falkner, mother of a 7-year-old Eisenhower student.

The school district spokeswoman would not confirm any details with us about this incident and also would not tell us what the policy is when it comes to contacting parents after something like this happens. We dug through their elementary handbook which states the student in this case would receive a suspension.

But police can't charge a child under twelve.

“We won't be writing the students tickets because they're not old enough to get tickets. But we will provide counseling for them through child protective services and through the school to do some education with them,” said Lt. Brester.

Falkner believes education should be spread to all of the second grade and their parents, even if their kids weren't directly involved. “It doesn't matter if he ate it or not. He was in an environment where he was exposed to it and there was no contact to us as parents. You need to have a discussion with your child, like, 'here are some resources that you could use.'"