Green Bay road crews getting ready for upcoming snowfall

GREEN BAY, Wis. Now you may see leaves on the ground but starting Saturday there will likely be some snow on the ground, which means Green Bay is getting road crews ready for winter.

The city's leaf collection is expected to stop by the end of next week to transition the fleet to plow trucks. Green Bay’s Director of Public Works, Steve Grenier, says his crews are ready for what's to come. A handful of trucks used for leaf collecting have been converted for snow patrol.

"By Saturday I will have enough of a fleet that if this generates more snow than we anticipate I will be able to get out and push off, we're not going to have true salting capabilities just yet, but we will be in a position to respond," said Grenier.

The city will not plow until there's at least two inches of snow on the ground, but Grenier says pavement temperatures remain above freezing.

"What that means is anything that falls on the pavement is going to melt on contact so we're going to have some wet roads but likely not a lot in the way of accumulation we're definitely not expecting anything over two inches of accumulation on the roads," said Grenier.

Even so, crews are still taking precautions.

Green Bay road crews are out and anti-icing the primary roads Friday. Primary roads include Mason, Webster, Military and Broadway. The brine leaves streaks on the roads, in preparation for Saturday’s snowfall.

"Every storm is a unique event, we game plan every one of them unique to that event itself," Grenier said.

The city has more than 450 miles they are responsible for plowing, 142 miles are primary roads, which gets priority. According to Grenier, a snow removal plan is always put in one to three days before an expected storm.