Green Bay rat problem addressed in 2018 budgets

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY)-- City and county governments are stepping in to help with Green Bay’s rat problem by setting aside money in their upcoming 2018 budgets.

Since August, Action 2 News has been talking to residents about the rat population in Green Bay Neighborhoods, spanning from Fisk Park to Lambeau Field.

“Last week I was looking out the window around 8 p.m., when it was getting dark and I thought I saw little bunnies hopping around the yard. I looked closer and they were rats,” said Deena Heins, who lives near Lambeau Field.

“Underneath my back porch, there was a burrow under my porch,” said Noreen Hamm, Fisk Park Neighborhood resident.

Now city and county governments are both setting aside $5,000 in their respective 2018 budgets to address the issue.

“I thought that was important for the city asking for most of this to be done, to at least match it,” said Tom De Wane, Brown County Board Supervisor and President of Green Bay City Council. “They did, so it’s on the budget.”

Right now the Brown County Health Department is looking at all of its options as to how to spend the money.

“To buy traps, some ideas are to do something like a certificate or grant, really a pass through grant,” said Anna Destree, a public health officer with Brown County Health and Human Services.

Destree said it’s also too early in their planning to know if a total of $10,000 will make an impact.

“Being so early in this stage, I can’t tell you,” said Destree.

As county officials work through all of their options, Destree said it’s important for people to stay vigilant and continue removing known rat habitats in their neighborhoods.

“Stuff like food, shelter and water, if you eliminate that they (rats) will not be there,” said Destree “So there are steps people can take to eliminate the rats, beyond the rat traps.”