Green Bay plows use snow drop-off sites to store excess snow

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Where does the snow go?

With multiple snowfalls over the past week, Green Bay officials have been dealing with snow piling up all around the area.

Green Bay’s street superintendent said the city has a couple of different spots they drop off excess snow that's already been plowed off the streets.

Along with Leicht Park, the city also uses the Metro Boat Launch to store snow. If they are really desperate for room, they even haul it all the way to their yard waste site on the Northwest side of the city.

“So places that if we do get a mass thaw, or a quick thaw, it’s not going to flood out anyone or create any issues outside of just allowing it to melt,” said Tony Fietzer, Green Bay’s street superintendent.

For example, Leicht Park is right next to the Fox River. When it thaws, the hope is that it will melt right into it.

When it comes to snow in your own driveway, Fietzer said the best thing to do is turn the snow blower shoot toward your yard, instead of toward the curb because that’s where the snow plow pushes the snow. If the snow pile on the curb gets too high, it could fall back into your yard or sidewalk and force you to clear it again. Remember, homeowners and business owners have 24 hours after the end of a snowfall to clear their sidewalks.

“Throwing it in the yard vs. the terrace will definitely help a lot and it prevents anything getting thrown in the road or a chunk being thrown out and hitting a car,” said Fietzer. “This is a time of the year people get frustrated. Please understand … we are not trying to plow people buried shut in their driveways, it’s just where the snow happens to fall off. We have the objective of making the roads are as safe as we can.”