Green Bay marathon runner keeping legend alive despite serious injuries

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The countdown is on until the 2019 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, and a legend among Green Bay runners is watching the clock closely. Dan Harris is fully recovered from injury and ready to compete among an elite group who have run the 26.2 mile race every year.

The marathon is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It will be 20 for Dan Harris. He's among 18 people who have run every Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. Those runners are known as "The Legends Club."

"Just a life-changing event made me need something to refocus myself," Harris says. "So that's where it started."

Harris has overcome some serious injuries, and he's become an inspiration for other runners.

"A few major injuries, and all were pretty close to or within the time frame of when training needed to start," Harris says.

One year, there was a ruptured Achilles during softball. Another year, it was a badly dislocated shoulder.

"I had to either not run or run in a sling, so for about a week, I was in a sling, out on my training runs," Harris says. "But then I had to hold off on my surgery until after. I had surgery two days after the marathon."

"Durable Dan" ran another marathon with his heart in Atrial Fibrillation at the starting line.

"Whenever I was in AFib, exercise is one of the things that brought me back into a normal rhythm," Harris says.

Par for the course, he suffered another injury while training for his 20th Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

"Everybody was on board until my hip replacement," Harris says.

Harris says his doctors know that "no" isn't a word in his vocabulary. So far, so good. His new hip is helping him keep his training on track.

SARAH THOMSEN: "So people are going to hear this, and if they're not a runner that goes out and does all of this, they're going to go, you're nuts! So what do you say to those people?"

DAN HARRIS: "I say, everybody has their nuts! Everybody has their thing that I think is.. well I would never do that or could never do that. So everybody has their marathon. Mine just happens to be seeing how far I can test my body."

Dan's goal is to hold his spot in the Legends Club for at least one more year. He doesn't do it for pride. He does it for pure joy and hopes his story will inspired other runners to push themselves.

The 20th Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is May 18-19, 2019. CLICK HERE for everything you need to know about the race.