Green Bay man charged with kidnapping ex from work

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Green Bay man has been accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and holding her against her will for several hours.

Photo: Brown County Jail

Luis Angel Cardona, 38, is charged with Kidnapping-Domestic Abuse; False Imprisonment-Domestic Abuse; and Disorderly Conduct-Domestic Abuse.

On Oct. 18, police were called to investigate a possible abduction from a business in the city.

One of the victim's co-workers stated that she had dropped off the victim for work and Cardona was in the parking lot. The victim had filed a restraining order against Cardona and told her co-worker that he had been threatening her.

The co-worker said Cardona "looked very scary, like he was trying to convince her [victim] of something." The co-worker went inside the business and reported what was happening in the parking lot. During that time, Cardona had taken off with the victim, according to the criminal complaint.

After a six-hour long ordeal, police located Cardona and the victim in Green Bay.

The victim said she had broken off the relationship about a year ago, but Cardona would not leave her alone.

On the morning of the abduction, the victim stated Cardona grabbed her in the parking lot and pulled her into his truck. He drove away, and the victim tried to jump out. She finally got free and was able to run away. However, he caught up with her, grabbed her and put her back in the truck. He started driving away from Green Bay. The victim remembered seeing a sign for "Oconto" at one point.

During the abduction, the former couple's child called and begged Cardona, "please bring mom back and don't hurt her."

Cardona told the victim to call police and tell them that she was fine. She refused. Their son called again and begged for the Cardona to bring his mother home. Cardona turned his truck around and headed back to Green Bay. That's where police were waiting for him.

The victim said Cardona held her against her will for six hours. She said she was worried and afraid he was going to kill her.

Cardona told police he never intended to hurt the victim.

During a court appearance Monday, a judge ordered a $10,000 signature bond for Cardona.