Green Bay looking to become more 'green' with sustainability commission

Published: Jun. 27, 2018 at 8:30 PM CDT
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In an effort to be more energy efficient within Green Bay’s city limits, council members are looking to create a new sustainability commission.

“It would be nice to power down on the grid, maybe even give back to the grid,” said Alderman Randy Scannell, Green Bay City Council.

Scannell said this is not the city’s first attempt to use more clean energy. He said the city had a sustainable task force years ago, but it didn’t work out.

“It was just too loose and didn’t have any real responsibilities or mission,” said Scannell.

By creating a commission this time around, Scannell said it will have more of an impact because it would report right to city council and it would be more comprehensive. Scannell said the commission will look at greener energy options for city-operated buildings and new construction.

“I would be interested in what we can do with housing stock and with new construction. What can we do to help go green?” said Scannell. “If we built the house from scratch today, how would we build it, what would it look like and what would it be?”

The sustainability commission would be made up of 9 members with one goal in mind.

“The idea behind it is to have a commission that can hopefully coordinate and network with various groups to make us more focused on sustainable energy and have a grass roots growth of that and make recommendations to the council,” said Scannell.

Green Bay Alderperson Barbara Dorff is looking forward to seeing the newly proposed commission come to fruition.

“There’s all kinds of things this commission is going to be able to come up with to help us save money and help improve our environment,” said Dorff.

The sustainability commission is not a done deal yet. Because it is a city ordinance, it still needs to be read in front of council members two more times.

If it continue to get the green light, Scannell said he would like to be part of the commission.

“Just anything we can do as far as being smarter with our energy, using less of our energy, using greener energy and cleaner fuel,” said Scannell.