Green Bay women's march promotes "Power to the Polls"

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- On the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, people across the country are rallying together in women’s marches.

Millions marched in solidarity on Saturday, at hundreds of sites across the country. Activists took to the streets in large cities like Washington, D.C., New York City and Los Angeles – with hundreds more marching much closer to home.

“I think that, it's just the third largest city in Wisconsin. And it's important that we start to be more progressive and we begin to show up in our community, and show people that it's not just Madison and Milwaukee that people are getting active and getting engaged,” says Stephanie Ortiz, State Director of Outreach for Women's March for Wisconsin.

Close to 400 people filled the streets of Green Bay Saturday morning, activism signs in hand, as they called for change.

This year’s march promotes the “Power to the Polls” slogan, urging voter registration.

“This year, we are just supporting ‘Power to the Polls,’” says Robin Tinnon, Regional Co-Director, Women’s March Wisconsin. “We want people to get out, we want our call to action for them to get out, and get the candidates in local office and state offices.”

“How we see change … really starts local with our elected officials, and it builds from there,” says Kristina Shelton, Regional Coordinator, Women’s March Green Bay. “And we've got to empower people to vote and see that their vote matters.”

Following the march, activists were invited to sit in on several workshops, highlighting equality among women and leadership of women in color.

“While we talk about feminism, it's also important that our feminism is intersectional, and that includes race, gender, class, and all the other isms,” Ortiz says.

Other cities that held women's marches on Saturday include Milwaukee, Eau Claire and Sauk City.