Green Bay goes lime

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 7:57 PM CDT
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Green Bay has gone green – or should we say lime.

For more than a month, LimeBikes have blanketed the city as part of a dock-less bike program.

Since the launch on July 31, the 150 Green Bay LimeBikes have made 2,400 trips around Green Bay, carrying 1,400 riders.

"The city so far is really happy with how the program is ran. We've only really heard very positive comments from the community,” says Matt Buchanan, Economic Development Specialist for the City of Green Bay.

So far, only one LimeBike has been reported missing. That’s likely because the bikes are equipped with tracking devices.

“With LimeBikes there's a lot of built-in accountability. They've got alarms on them and locks, they've got GPS on them. So there really hasn't been any kind of incidents, really,” Buchanan tells Action 2 News.

As far as the dock-less system, Buchanan says it’s working well.

There are some designated spots to store a LimeBike after you ride it bike, but you can almost park them anywhere.

“There's no station you need to return it to,” Buchanan explains. “You're encouraged to park it responsibly. We do offer some painted boxes on the pavement in certain areas of downtown where you can leave a bike.”

As for the frequency you’re seeing the LimeBikes, supporting Alderman Brian Johnson says that’s a good thing.

“The only problems I've heard is people who aren't accustomed to seeing as many bikes around town, and I think that's a great thing,” Johnson says. “We look at cars every single day, and nobody complains about cars. So why can't we take a look at bikes in the same light?”