Green Bay city official: Leicht Park is ready for cruise ships this summer

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Green Bay's Public Works Director says the city is ready for two cruise ships to dock this summer at Leicht Memorial Park.

The city has welcomed tall ships before, but this will be a first for cruise ships taking part in a 10-day Great Lakes Cruise from Milwaukee to Windsor, Ontario.

“We’ll have two port of calls in Green Bay. The Victory will be visiting this summer in July and August and the projections are that next year there's going to be eight cruise lines working on the Great Lakes. All carrying high-end, international passengers and they're planning on coming and visiting Green Bay and hopefully this takes off and we become a real destination,” said Dean Haen, Brown County Port Director.

“If we can provide them with a positive experience here in Green Bay with the couple of stops they are doing here in 2018, which obviously opens the door for more operators to come in in the future,” said Steve Grenier, Green Bay’s Public Works Director.

As of right now, Grenier said the docks at Leicht Park are capable of docking the 400-foot cruise ships, but he said they are going to be looking at making some minor adjustments in the future to make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone involved.

“We want to make sure we have something safe,” said Grenier. “We want to make it approachable and it has to look pleasing to folks coming in.”

Grenier said they’ve already made some upgrades to the docks.

“There are some projections that came out of the wall and things of that nature, with old bumpers and fendering systems and by at large that has all been cleaned up,” said Grenier.

But Grenier said they will continue to talk with the cruise company to make sure all of its needs are met before docking this summer.

“We asked about everything from do they need a place to off load garbage to recharging batteries, “said Grenier. “This is taking cruising to a whole different step we haven’t had in green bay so obviously we want to make sure we are putting our best foot forward.”

Grenier said he is still working on cost estimates and contract terms with the cruise company.