Green Bay doctors' carpal tunnel procedure gets international attention

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Two Green Bay brothers--each one a doctor--invented a procedure to cure carpal tunnel syndrome. The procedure, which takes only minutes to complete, is gaining international attention.

In 2016, Action 2 News introduced you to Danzhu and Danqing Guo and the procedure they were doing at their Ashwaubenon clinic. On Friday, we caught up with the doctors to find out how the medical community is taking note of their innovation.

Mark McCurdie is one of the 500-plus patients who have turned to the Guo brothers at Baycare Clinic to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel.

"I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, and just the mechanics of the procedure just made sense, so I did it and I'm excited," McCurdie says.

The Guo Technique is an ultra-minimally invasive procedure. Drs. Danzhu and Danqing Guo invented it with a third brother.

"It's not uncommon to see our patient go back to work within 24 hours," says Dr. Danzhu Guo.

The doctors use ultrasound to insert a thread through a flexible needle into tiny holes. Like a chainsaw, it cuts through the problem ligament.

There's no incision. The 15-minute procedure is completed in an exam room.

Dr. John Li of Wake Forest University is among a long list of doctors from around the world who has scheduled a stop in Northeast Wisconsin to see the Guo Technique.

"We're going to test it first, make sure we are comfortable and then move forward," says Dr. Li.

The Guo brothers say doctors as far away as Vienna, Austria, have used the technique.

"We are thrilled. We are small town Green Bay and two of us, doing this. This is a pretty big deal to us," says Dr. Danzhu Guo. "We are so happy we're part of the community, help people."

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