Green Bay couple doesn't let coronavirus ruin their wedding day

Hayley and Austin Felch were married in a small ceremony on March 21, 2020
Hayley and Austin Felch were married in a small ceremony on March 21, 2020(WBAY)
Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 4:01 PM CDT
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"In sickness and in health!" It's a vow many of us make when we get married. A Green Bay couple took it seriously when they wouldn't let the coronavirus stop them from getting married.

Newlyweds Hayley and Austin Felch weren't going to let the coronavirus ruin their plans to get married, this past Saturday, March 21st.

"That date was really important to me because it was my grandmother's birthday and she passed away last year, so she obviously wasn't going to be there and I wanted it to feel special and feel like she was being a part of it," say Hayley Felch.

But instead of the big Texas affair they had planned, in Hayley's hometown, with a guest list of more than 150 people, the two were married on Saturday in Green Bay. Their ceremony was in front of a much smaller crowd.

According Austin Felch, "We had to keep it under 10 people, so it was her parents, my mom and my brother, and then our best man, maid of honor, and pastor."

Everyone at the wedding practiced social distancing too.

Austin Felch says, "We had to have the chairs six feet apart, it was quite an interesting setup, a very unique wedding. I've never seen something like it."

GreatScott Images captured everything that day, from getting ready, to the vows, even the at home pizza reception.

"Because of the virus and because of, how am I going to get people together, and what are these pictures going to look like, and I can't screw this up it's already been screwed up once for her and I can't screw this up. I actually felt quite a bit of pressure," says Scott Eastman owner of GreatScott Images.

But, with the help of technology, the couple more than doubled their original guest list as hundreds of people tuned in to watch their nuptials on Facebook Live.

"We had several people tell us that just from them watching it online, they said if you hadn't known that it wasn't supposed to be that way that no one would have ever known," says Hayley Felch.

While the day wasn't what the Felches originally planned, in the end, love was all they needed.

Hayley Felch adds, "I felt beautiful that day. I felt loved that day. I think both of us felt very loved that day."

"I felt very beautiful too," jokes Austin Felch. The couple adds, "So it was interesting to say the least."

And now they look forward to living happily ever after, knowing they will always have one heck of a story to tell others about their wedding day.